Monday, December 19, 2022

2 Questions to Ponder

 We have 11 days left in the year. As you know my penchant for journaling and reflection, I want to challenge you today with two questions to close out the year. 


I came across this article on Saturday. 22 Lessons Learned in 2022. To be quite honest, it humbled me. I would have to think long and hard for ‘a’ lesson learned in 2022…let alone 22. Am I not being observant enough? Am I not reflecting enough? Has my curiosity diminished? All questions that swirled through my head as I read the article.


How about for you. Can you name 22 things you have learned this year? If not, how many can you name? If none, how come? 


Lastly, the other question I have spent quite some time lamenting: as we close the year, and usher in a new one, What do you want to be different next year


I challenge you to really dig deep into this. Identify what you want to be different. Begin with the end in mind. Develop the plan. Then, get after it. 


I hope you have a great week before the break. Be intentional with your time. Beat yesterday. 


I am in your corner. Win the Day- pja


*47.27 Seconds to Read.