Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Leadership and the Path to the Super Bowl

As you may be aware, I am a die hard Pittsburgh fan. I am still reeling from that crushing, devastating, embarrassing loss. After the loss on Sunday, I pretty much vowed I would not watch the Super Bowl.

Until I read this article on the Falcons Head Coach (Falcons Believe in all of Dan Quinn's Corny Sayings...).

I am a leadership junkie. I love to read about leadership in action. This article on Coach Quinn truly embodies leadership.

Leadership is about pulling together a team. The team can be on a field, a court, a classroom, a board room, or an office. It is about gelling together a group of people to unite for a unified cause. Anyone who has ever led knows this is no small feat wrought with obstacles, frustrations, and challenges.

Yet, in spite of the difficulties, the truly great leaders are able to take the focus of the individual and place it on the greater good of the team- and the ultimate mission of the team. When a team truly bonds, and comes together, amazing feats are accomplished.

Many coaches, bosses, managers are able to rattle off certain leadership buzz words they may have read or heard about it; leaders can use the same verbiage, coupled with relationship building, and produce vastly different results. This is what separates leaders from managers.

Coach Quinn embodies what is right with leadership. Unifying a group to accomplish a goal. Leadership at its finest.

It pains me to say it, but Go Falcons. I am a bigger fan of leadership than I am of the Steelers.

"We talk about brotherhood every single day."-Dwight Freeney on Coach Quinn.