Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leadership Lessons from Bruce Arians

I begin my day the same way everyday. I come downstairs, start the coffee pot, and read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. (I never claimed to be normal). 

I read a great article this morning on Bruce Arians that piqued my leadership curiosity. Bruce Arians, now the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, was once the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The article went on to explain how he has been a successful coach wherever he has been. One of his current coaches explained it this way: Bruce is successful because he places great emphasis on relationships. He has a real passion for people.

He has a real passion for people. This statement has resonated in my mind all day. I began to think of how successful you could be as a leader if you truly, intimately, adopted this mindset; and carried it out in action- not just words. Think of how much better our schools would be if we all had a real passion for people? How about the workplace? How about our neighborhoods? How about our world?

All around us negativity swirls. Turning the tide starts with each of us. I challenge you to have a passion for people. See how much better your life becomes by pouring into others. From an ancient proverb: your life will be refreshed by refreshing others.

He has a real passion for people.