Monday, February 22, 2021

Journey Together

I think we can all agree the past year has been crazy. And the zaniness does not seem to be letting up. 


I have likened the past year to this: when I was a kid, and I would go into the ocean, if a big wave came, you dove under it. Most times, you had a rest before the next big one would come. 


This year, it feels like you go through one big wave only to have go under again, with little to no chance to catch your breath. 


So, the intent of my message today is to truly inquire, and ask, How are you


In the past ten days, I have spoken to a few on our Leadership Team who are battling the storms of life outside of work. 


Unless your home life is anchored, your work life will be a house of cards. 


Please know I am here if you need anything. Even if it is just a listening ear. We all journey together. And I inherently believe it’s our brokenness that binds us. 


And, most importantly, I hope you hear my heart: Thank you for being part of our team- and thank you for everything you are doing to move us forward. We are better because of you. 


I’m in your corner. Get after it- and Win the day- pja


Leaders, don’t be a public success and a private failure.”

~Brian Loritts



*53 Seconds.

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Leadership Challenge

Most of you are probably aware- I may be the least handy of handy men this world has ever known. My kids broke our garbage disposal. I watched a YouTube video…and thought, ah, I can fix it. After about 7 long hours- three trips to Home Depot, mission accomplished. 😊 I told my wife to just ignore the duct tape and buckets under the sink. 😊

 I started reading a book last week that came highly recommended. The Leadership Challenge. There was a line in the Introduction that has stuck with me for days now. 


I share this weekly email with about 25 people. If we were to poll just the individuals who get this email…and I asked you to give me your definition of Leadership- we very well could have 25 variances of leadership defined. 


Yet, back to the line in the book. Because I believe this line captured what leadership is/ or truly should be for where we are in 2021. 


It states, “We need leaders who can unite us, and ignite us.” 


Unite usIgnite us. If you took these two simple commands and allowed them to drive your day, your interactions, your agenda…imagine the impact you could have. Imagine what we could accomplish. 


Yes- in 2021, we need leaders who will unite us. And ignite us. Take the challenge. And get after it. 


I’m in your corner- Win the Day- pja

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Power of Reflection

 I was out shoveling early this morning with my youngest son. He said, ‘Dad, why don’t we get a snow blower?’ 

I said, “I have one. His name is David. Now get back to work.” 😊


I read an article this morning that said the average American quits his/her new year’s resolution today (01FEB2021). 


What about you? Where are you with your goals to grow and move the needle this year? What needs to be reevaluated? Re-Prioritized? 


I also read a subsequent article extolling the virtues of ‘reflection time’built into the day. The article went onto say that if we can make ‘Pause Opportunities’ a part of our regular, daily routine, our goals become that much more achievable. The pace of this life can be overwhelming. I know for me- I have an app that reminds every day at 10AM to pause, focus on my breathing- and slow my pace to gauge where I am mentally.**


I am hopeful you can take a few quiet moments today. Listen to the story you are telling yourself. Prepare your mind for the growth opportunities you have set for the year. And then, get after it. 


I am in your corner- Win the Day- pja


Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful.” ~Margaret J. Wheatley


*54.56 seconds


**Just because the app reminds me to ‘Pause”…doesn’t mean I always do it. I am a work in progress. 😊