Monday, February 8, 2021

The Leadership Challenge

Most of you are probably aware- I may be the least handy of handy men this world has ever known. My kids broke our garbage disposal. I watched a YouTube video…and thought, ah, I can fix it. After about 7 long hours- three trips to Home Depot, mission accomplished. 😊 I told my wife to just ignore the duct tape and buckets under the sink. 😊

 I started reading a book last week that came highly recommended. The Leadership Challenge. There was a line in the Introduction that has stuck with me for days now. 


I share this weekly email with about 25 people. If we were to poll just the individuals who get this email…and I asked you to give me your definition of Leadership- we very well could have 25 variances of leadership defined. 


Yet, back to the line in the book. Because I believe this line captured what leadership is/ or truly should be for where we are in 2021. 


It states, “We need leaders who can unite us, and ignite us.” 


Unite usIgnite us. If you took these two simple commands and allowed them to drive your day, your interactions, your agenda…imagine the impact you could have. Imagine what we could accomplish. 


Yes- in 2021, we need leaders who will unite us. And ignite us. Take the challenge. And get after it. 


I’m in your corner- Win the Day- pja

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