Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Move the Needle

I know...it's been months since my last post. I swear I will get better. My New Year's Resolution was to write at least once a month. I am committing to it. Hold me to it.

Over Christmas break, I read an article on the top leadership books to be released in 2019. I was drawn to one in particular. It is Simon Sinek's new book. The premise of the book is those companies who do well over time figure out a way to stay relevant. Business is/ or should be an infinite endeavor. As I have shared this concept and book idea with my peers, we are never hard pressed to find examples of companies who had a good product at one time...only to not stay relevant. (Think PalmPilot.)

So, I began to think of this in light of education. It has survived since 1893 without considerably changing its practice. Again, in discussions around this very same topic, it has generated quite a bit of interesting discussion. One notion presented on this topic is that educators by and large know they have a collective rapt audience every year. Compulsory attendance laws hold tremendous sway.

So, as leaders, what is our role in changing the game? How do we Move the Needle? I long to have our profession respected...and, my fear is that as long as we do things the way we have always done them, we lose credibility. Worse yet, we perform, accept, and even promote a gross injustice for our next generation of leaders and learners if we stand idly by and do nothing.

Do something. Anything. Move the Needle. Raise the bar. Move the Needle.

We met last week as a Leadership Team to brainstorm ways in which to Move the Needle. While it appears simple on the surface, if we increase the visibility of our leaders- and amp up the accountability, the needle will be moved. It is not enough to cause a revolution. But, if we get enough needle movers, I inherently believe the revolution will come.

We need enough needle movers to reject the status quo. Collectively, our profession has to put down our proverbially foot and demand more- more from ourselves. More from each other. We owe it to our learners - we owe it our community. We owe it to our country. Move the Needle. One day at a time. Every day. Move the Needle.

Here are our five 'Look-Fors" we are going after for the second semester of the 18-19 school year. It should be noted we are focused on learner behaviors. For too long, the emphasis has been placed on the teacher. No longer. it's about Student Engagement. It does not matter one iota if the teacher is bellowing from the rooftops if you have a classroom full of disengaged, bored, uninterested students.

In no particular order of emphasis, here they are:
1. Has differentiated learning opportunities and activities that meet his/her needs
2. Is asked and responds to questions that require higher order thinking
3. Takes risks in learning (without fear of negative feedback)
4. Has several opportunities to engage in discussions with teacher and other learners
5. Uses digital tools / technology to conduct research, solve problems, and/or create original works for learning

I would be curious to hear how you and your District are Moving the Needle. Give me a shout and let me know. We are in desperate need of needle movers.

Get after it. Lead. And Win. pja


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