Monday, March 8, 2021

Finding Purpose in the Daily Grind

 As my Monday messages have evolved over the past few months…I am continually exploring ways to encourage you as you slog your way through an unprecedented, challenging year. 

We currently lead in a time filled with a limitless amount of distractions. I know for me, a majority of those minor distractions can become increasingly annoying. 


Yet, as each day passes, we are creating and building, and leaving our legacy all at once. 


For the last portion of my dad’s life, he served as a lay pastor. I have all of his sermons on CDs. Recently, every time I get in the car, I put them on. They provide a great sense of comfort…and, it dawned on me this morning: it has been over 5 years since my dad passed. Yet his legacy lives on…all because he pursued his purpose in life.


So it is with you- determine your purpose- then go live it out. Your purpose transcends your vocation. You were meant for more than that. 


And when the storms of life come…as you know they will, always point back to your purpose in life. 


When you are able to do this, and actively speak purpose into your life, the distractions subside.  


Finally, perhaps one of my favorite reminders, “Fly with the eagles, Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”


I’m in your corner- Get after it…and Win the Day- pja



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