Monday, May 17, 2021


You have heard me write about / talk about writing your own obituary. I fully subscribe to the notion of beginning with the end in mind. 


And, you know each year, as I have encouraged you to do so as well, I pick ‘1 Word’ for the year. 


So today…I am putting a bit of a different twist on things. I started reading a book over the weekend, Halftime. The first paragraph of the first chapter has had my head swimming. It reads: 




“It means “100 Times.” I have taken it for myself from the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. I’m an Entrepreneur, and I want to be remembered as the seed that was planted in good soil and multiplied a hundredfold. It is how I wish to live. It is how I attempt to express my passions and my core commitments. It is how I envision my own legacy. I want to be a symbol of higher yield, in life and death. 


You can’t put your full obituary on your tombstone. But you can put ‘1 Word’ on there. Thus…what is your ‘1 Word’ you will live out? What is ‘1 Word” you will be intentional about truly making a statement over your life? 


Weighty. Yet so critical in separating the important from the essential. And, it really forces you to be intentional to begin with the end in mind. 


If inclined, and you have a word you settle upon, I would love to hear it. 


I’m in your corner. Get after it this week…and Win the Day. pja


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