Monday, October 30, 2023

Leaders are Readers

 25% of the year is complete…how are you feeling? What is going well? What is not? I always find these check points to be beneficial…if you take the time to reflect- game plan- and take action. 

 I was having a conversation with one of our Leadership Team Members recently.  We were discussing the reading of Atomic Habits. The comment was made…that when I put out the email for our reading schedule, I should say, “You will read this because I said to read it.”


We had a subsequent conversation about my leadership philosophy. A challenge I have always posed to myself: Strip the title/ chain of command away- would people still listen and follow you? 


Plain and simple, Leadership is influence. Regardless of title or rank. As you take account of your own leadership prowess and journey, are you being an influencer?


One of my all-time favorite leadership quotes. “If you think you’re leading, but no one is following, then you’re only taking a walk.” (John Maxwell)


And, to follow up on the ‘command’ to read…I want our team to be so hungry to learn and grow…a direct order is not needed. Never forget, not all readers are leaders. Yet, all leaders are readers. 


Be a reader. 😊


Have a great week of getting after it. I am in your corner. Win the Day – pja


*44.14 Seconds to Read

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