Monday, November 28, 2022


 My youngest son can sometimes be a bit of an Eeyore. Yet, from an outsider perspective, most would agree he has a right to wallow. He has severe food allergies…and has battled this for his entire life. Most times he is a battler…yesterday, he was having a down day. 


Holidays can sometimes be a bit harder for him…he doesn’t get to enjoy the foods like we do. And, most times, he feels like an outcast as he watches what others eat and enjoy. 


As he was sharing his struggles with me- he was visibly upset. My advice back to him…as he told me how life isn’t fair: ‘Good.’


His reaction was probably like most of yours right now…he about exploded. “How could you say that to me dad?!”


I then showed him this video. Take the 1:04 to watch it. With the right mindset, it is a game changer. 


It didn’t solve all his problems. But it changed his frame of mind. And, he got up- and got after it. Like he always does. 


Today- Tomorrow- This week- things may not go your way. Life may not go your way. Good. Drive On. And get after it. 


Hope you have a great week – I’m always in your corner. Win the Day- pja



When things are going bad: Don't get all bummed out, don't get started, don't get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: “Good.”



*Bonus Track: Prior to my interaction with David last night- I had intended to write to you about starting your New Year’s resolution on 01DEC rather than 01JAN. Everyone starts on 01JAN. You are a leader. Leaders set themselves apart. 


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Monday, October 31, 2022

The Turkey Trot

I was never much of a hunter. Nor was my dad. But we always went out. We hunted turkeys for years. Not only did we never see one in the woods, we never even heard them. After each unsuccessful hunt, my dad would tell me how brilliant turkeys are…one of the smartest wild animals he would say. 


I was getting out of my car last week at the ESC. Lo and behold, 4 turkeys literally walked about 10 feet from me. They then walked/ran/pranced around the parking lot. I just stood and watched them…wishing my dad was here to see them now. 


You could tell they were disoriented. They would start to run in a certain direction…only to be stunted, and try another direction. After each unsuccessful ‘run’ at freedom, a new leader would emerge. Even though they were all jakes, there was not an alpha male among them. 


If you take a look at the attached picture, it is a great depiction of the predicament they were in. No leader among them. And, none of the four had any idea which way to go. 


This is such a great reminder- and reinforcement of what we are called to be as leaders. Cast a vision. Know where you are heading. Walk in boldness and confidence…even when you face road blocks. 


And, perhaps most importantly- if you are leading, and no one is following, you are simply out for a walk. 


Be an eagle today. Not a turkey. Have a great week of leading and loving. I am in your corner- pja


Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.” ~William Shakespeare 


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Monday, September 26, 2022

Think Like a Leader

 So my last post was well over a year ago...but I am back. :) Here we go...

This past weekend, my brother shared this quote with me…and has really got me thinking- and, truth be told, humbled me. 

 Leaders think and talk about solutions. Followers think and talk about problems.”

 Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the things that are ‘wrong.’ Yet, as Leaders, we are called to a higher standard. The challenge starts with us, individually and collectively. If we change our mindset, focusing more on solutions rather than on problems, we step towards the best version of ourselves. 

And, as we chart our course this year on creating the type of culture and climate where everyone thrives, this quote lays a critical, foundational piece. Imagine a team committed to solutions rather than problems. 


Have a great week- Get after it- and Win the Day- pja

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Monday, August 30, 2021

1% Better- Every Day

 I took the summer off of Monday Morning Minute of Motivation. Day 1 is here now…I thought I would get back after it. 


I was going to send the following  immediately after the Global Leadership Summit. I found it be excellent wisdom on the power of self-improvement.


The following quotation is from an anonymous Hassidic rabbi on his deathbed. 


“When I was young, I set out to change the world. When I grew a little older, I perceived that this was too ambitious, so I set out to change my state. This too, I realized as I grew older, was too ambitious, so I set out to change my town. When I realized I could not even do this, I tried to change my family. Now as an old man, I know that I should have started by changing myself. If I had started with myself, maybe then I would have succeeded in changing my family, the town, or even the state- and who knows, maybe even the world.” 


As we embark on the journey of the 2021-22 school year, if we each commit to improving 1% every day, imagine the growth by day 180. 


We’re better because of you. I greatly appreciate all you do to make this a better place. Keep fighting the good fight. I am in your corner- 


Win The Day- pja


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Monday, May 24, 2021

Lessons Learned

I was talking to one of my son’s baseball coaches recently. He teaches in a neighboring District. 


He was lamenting on what a challenging year it has been. He went onto say that usually, this time of year, he spends quite a bit of time reflecting on the past year. What worked? What did not work? How can he get better? However, this year…nothing. He said, “I just want the year to end.”


I am sure you can attest. His statement is spot on. The day to day is spent / and has been spent on survival. Not on growth. Not on reflection. And for the remaining 7 days of school, we have to keep grinding. 


What you may not realize now…but you have just led through the perhaps the most challenging times we have ever faced in education. Since March of 2020, it has been an onslaught of creative thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, and remaining extremely flexible and adaptable. 


The lessons learned and won on the battlefield of your buildings, classrooms, and work space can never be taken from you. I know it’s hard to find any kind of victory lately…but take solace in this: you are better, stronger, smarter, and wiser than you were in March of 2020. 


My grandmother used to say ‘All sunshine makes a desert.’. Your leadership is a fertile field because of your day-to-day grind. Don’t ever lose sight of this. If this school year was a football game, I would say we just hit the 2 minute warning. Finish strong.


I’m in your corner. Get after it this week…and Win the Day- pja


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Monday, May 17, 2021


You have heard me write about / talk about writing your own obituary. I fully subscribe to the notion of beginning with the end in mind. 


And, you know each year, as I have encouraged you to do so as well, I pick ‘1 Word’ for the year. 


So today…I am putting a bit of a different twist on things. I started reading a book over the weekend, Halftime. The first paragraph of the first chapter has had my head swimming. It reads: 




“It means “100 Times.” I have taken it for myself from the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. I’m an Entrepreneur, and I want to be remembered as the seed that was planted in good soil and multiplied a hundredfold. It is how I wish to live. It is how I attempt to express my passions and my core commitments. It is how I envision my own legacy. I want to be a symbol of higher yield, in life and death. 


You can’t put your full obituary on your tombstone. But you can put ‘1 Word’ on there. Thus…what is your ‘1 Word’ you will live out? What is ‘1 Word” you will be intentional about truly making a statement over your life? 


Weighty. Yet so critical in separating the important from the essential. And, it really forces you to be intentional to begin with the end in mind. 


If inclined, and you have a word you settle upon, I would love to hear it. 


I’m in your corner. Get after it this week…and Win the Day. pja


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Monday, May 10, 2021


Two things on my mind today. It dawned on me this morning…we have not been ‘together’ as a leadership team for quite some time. This weighs on me…as I think this is always a great opportunity for us to calibrate- and sharpen each other. And, as you know, the other thing lost in us not meeting- and I hope you are doing it on your own…journaling. If you need a replacement journal, let me know, I will get it to you. 😊


Also important: please hold AUG 5 & 6 for the Global Leadership Summit. It is back in person this year. I know some reading this have never attended. It is a tremendous leadership training over 2 days. It truly is a game changer…and sets the tone for the upcoming school year. As you may recall, the original mantra from GLS…and has stuck with me to this day: Everyone wins when the leader gets better.


Better every day. Beat yesterday. 


I’m in your corner. Get after it this week…and Win the Day- pja


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