Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Coach Tomlin

 Like many of you, as an avid football fan, I can be quick to be critical of the coach- and call for his ousting multiple times a year. Yet, maybe it is maturity- or appreciating leadership the older I get…but I have come to really respect Coach Tomlin (Head Coach of the Steelers) and his leadership prowess. 


For those non-Steeler fans out there…Coach Tomlin is known for his leadership quips. One that I have enjoyed the most…especially this past year, is ‘We don’t live in our fears.” Some don’t make any sense to me…like ‘There is a fine line between making wine and squashing grapes.’ (Perhaps there is a simple explanation for it…And I’m just not bright enough to understand. Highly plausible). 


One he said the other day really stood out to me- ‘Make Today Great’. I took it as, rather than be a passive recipient for the events of the day- and accept them as they come…you, as a leader, GO and make it a great day. 


What is in your power that you can control that will make it a great day? Spend some time thinking about those things in your life…that at the end of the day, when you lay your head on your pillow, you can say, in pure Ice Cube fashion, “Today was a good day.” 😊


Get after it today. Make it a great day. Win the Day- I’m in your corner- pja


Make each day your masterpiece.”- The Wizard of Westwood. 


*53.52 seconds


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