Monday, August 28, 2023

Worn Shoes

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster. From a systems and structures standpoint, it was a fascinating look at all the coordinated efforts that go into the production of the show. 


As the group debriefed afterwards, one comment in particular has resonated with me. The general manager was the one who led the tour. One of the people in the group commented to me, ‘Did you see how worn his (the GM) shoes were?’


One of my favorite leadership books of all time, Lincoln on Leadership, spends a chapter on this:

Leadership by Walking Around. 


As we approach another school year, there is much to be gained by being on the move- being seen- being visible.


Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes – and get after it. 😊


I’m here to lend support in any way I can. I’m always in your corner- take care- pja


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