Monday, April 12, 2021

Be Like Cliff

I always try to make the Monday Morning Message meaningful and relevant to you- and what you are dealing with. This morning…I was going to share with you about a guy who passed away Friday in Pittsburgh. He was 102. He served 81 straight years as an usher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. But that may have to wait for another day…


I know you are all dealing with heightened levels of stress right now. Unique to all of you are some really stressful situations you are encountering. 


So how, in the midst of all that is happening, do you bring life and leadership to those around you? 


Allow me to share a brief but powerful story with you- I began my teaching career at a reformed school for adjudicated youth (Summit Academy). I would say on average, we had about 3-4 fights a day. It embodied a high stress environment. 


There was an older gentleman that worked there. His name was Cliff. In spite of all the craziness happening during the day, you could always hear Cliff, in his big, booming, bass filled voice, telling students, staff…and whoever would listen- “You can’t take my joy.” Truth be told. They didn’t. He was calm. Stress-free. Joyful. Happy. And he brought those traits to those around him. Simply put, his presence made Summit a better place. 


You are leading in unprecedented times. Any number of distractions are occurring during the day to ‘Take Your Joy.’ As leaders, you can not allow this to happen. If your people, team, students, parents, etc. see you walking through minefields of stress, maintaining composure and bringing joy…inevitably, that is going to spread. I believe it. But you must fight. And be intentional with your thoughts- and most importantly, win the battle in your mind.


Be like Cliff. Allow no one to  ‘Take Your Joy.’- I’m in your corner. Get After It…and Win the Day- pja


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