Monday, April 5, 2021


I have been working with my daughter on handling stress the proper way. She’s a pretty- happy-go-lucky kid for the most part…except when she is stressed. Then, when pressed, look out. 😊 (Full disclosure: growing up with five brothers and no sisters…raising a teenage daughter humbles me every day.) 


A while back, I was at a community swimming pool. There was a mom who was sunbathing/ sleeping on the side of the pool. Her two adolescent daughters were playing catch with a ball in the water. At once, the one little girl threw the ball at the mom- hitting her in the side of the head…and subsequently getting her wet. 


As I watched this unfold- I fully expected the mom to awake with anger and irritation. Nope. The mom sits up…and has this gigantic smile on her face. (I can’t make it up😊 ) 


I suppose this story has always been forever etched in my brain because there’s zero.0 chance I respond the same way. 


I would imagine for the most part…we can go for the majority of the day- smiling and being amicable. But when the pressure rises…or stress is induced, what does your emotional wake look like? 


My challenge to you: how emotionally healthy are you? When squeezed, do you breathe life or fire? If it’s fire, how do you go about reversing that trend? 


If you were that mom poolside, what’s your response? For me, I know I have work to do😊


I’m in your corner. Get after it…and Win the Day- pja


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