Monday, April 26, 2021

Chicken Bouillon

As crazy as it sounds, one of my favorite leadership books of all-time is The Giving Tree. Inherently, I believe true leadership is about servant leadership. No better example of servant leadership than the Tree. πŸ˜Š


As I thought about today’s message, I recalled perhaps one of my all-time favorite memories as a teacher. And I believe it directly relates to servant leadership. 


As you may recall, I began my teaching career in Norfolk, VA. To say it was a stressful year would be a gross understatement. 


One particular day, my frustration and irritation had reached a tipping point. 


One of my all-time favorite students, and from one of the poorest families I had ever known, sensed my dismay. She came up to me, and a held a closed fist in front of me. 


I asked her to show me what was in her hand. She opened her clenched fist to reveal two wrapped cubes. 


I asked, “Is that beef bouillon?”


She replied, “No, it’s chicken bouillon. And it’s very good. I think it may help you to have a better day.”**


She had nothing of worldly value to give to me. Yet out of her nothingness, she completely changed my day, my perspective, and my leadership worldview. 


You may think you have nothing left to give this year. Like the Tree. Like my student. You do. If nothing else, your presence is enough to make a difference. Show up…and serve. Your legacy is being built- moment by moment…and day by day. 


I am in your corner. Get after it…and Win the Day. Pja


*59.51 seconds to read. 


**I kept the chicken bouillon cubes in my desk drawer for years as a great reminder of her impact. Reluctantly, when the smell became too pungent for a learning environment, I had to discard them. πŸ˜Š

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